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Oh so dreamy! Fruits, florals and vanilla amber come together in this scent to produce a solid perfume that matches our wildest (and sweetest) desires. Notes of citrus and cherry, intertwined with ozone, go on sweet on top of a floral heart of jasmine, rose and tropical ylang ylang. The best part of this fragrance is saved for last with a base composed of cashmere musk and a beautiful, lingering vanilla amber.

Live the dream.

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Forget those packing nightmares! These conveniently sized tubes are perfect for travelers and any woman on the go. No alcohol, no liquid, no glass bottles, no finger-dipping jars or pots = no mess. Just toss in your bag, purse, or pocket and off you go!

Only THREE simple ingredients: a natural base of coconut oil and beeswax, plus fragrance. Great alternative for women with normal perfume allergies and those who loathe the skin-drying harshness of alcohol-based sprays.

Apply to wrists, neck, behind the ears, and chest. AROAMAS releases its fragrance as it melts onto the skin, helping you smell sweet the world over.

Handmade in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

1 stick = 1.98g / 0.07oz

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  1. emaas3141

    This is probably my favorite Aroamas scent after Parisian. It is not too strong of a perfume and is much lighter than many of the others I have tried. It smells really nice without trying too hard.

  2. Eline

    This scent is a bit too sweet for me. But it reminds me of a hot summer, so I like it anyway. Vanilla and cashmere musk are the strongest scents in this fragrance. Dream is a long-lasting scent.

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