How to Wear Solid Perfume

How to Apply Aroamas

Applying Aroamas is easy! Twist up the tube (just enough for your application is best) and swipe across your skin. The formulation, consisting largely of coconut oil, won’t leave a thick, waxy coating on your skin like other solid perfumes.

When finished, recap your tube and toss back in your purse, pocket or bag!

Where to Apply Aroamas

Apply Aroamas solid perfume to your pulse points. Just like those liquids, we apply Aroamas to places such as the neck and wrists, and even behind the knees. When things start to heat up, the warmth from those points help to emanate the perfume – keeping you smelling sweet the world over.

But don't stop there! Get creative with your application. Some women like to dab behind their earlobes or even swipe their cleavage. The options are endless!

And, with solid perfume, you have control over the strength of your perfume. A little dab, or more than a few swipes, you get to choose either without choking the air around you.