Aroamas for Travel

Aroamas and Travel

Aroamas have been designed with the traveler in mind.

Struggling with liquid restrictions has women leaving behind their favorite liquid perfumes when heading off on adventures. It’s the reason Aroamas founder, Brooke, decided to focus on solid fragrance. It was easier to leave perfume behind than worry about fitting it in her liquids bag, but it was annoying to not have something pretty to wear while traveling.

Even the option of checking luggage comes with its own worries. The last thing anyone wants when they arrive at their destination is to open a suitcase and realize an entire bottle of $50 perfume leaked onto everything!

But, after a long day of sightseeing, one of the most coveted items for a girl on the road might just be a simple spritz of fragrance.

Now, we can have the best of both worlds. The convenience of not carrying extra liquids and the ability to freshen up anywhere, anytime, are brought to you in Aroamas travel perfume sticks.