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Meet Savannah! Plus How to Get a Stick of Your Own

I've been experimenting with fragrances again, and we have a new one ready for you to try... But you can't buy it just yet. Instead, I'm offering it up as a freebie for you lovely customers during the month of April! Read on to explore this fragrance further and how you can get a solid perfume stick of your own. Meet Savannah Savannah is a timeless fragrance. It was inspired by the woody, arid landscape of sunburned African plains. It layers a floral-heavy top and heart over an earthy base. It has a vintage vibe - perfect for those who like those classic, unsweetened scents. How You Can Get a Stick of Savannah Savannah is not yet for sale on the site. But...

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How to Recycle Lip Balm Tubes

Yes, your plastic lip balm tubes, such as the ones we use at Aroamas, are recyclable. But maybe not in the way you think. Before you go tossing your lip balm tubes into the normal recycling bin, we have some information to share that will ensure your tubes get to where they need to be.

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