Why You Should Put Perfume On Before Your Zoom Call

"Did you just put on perfume?" my boyfriend asked with a confused look on his face.


Still confused, "For a Zoom call...?"

wearing perfume boosts your confidence


Ah, yes, the work-from-home life often glamorizes the comfy sweatpants, ugg boots, and hiding unwashed hair in messy buns.

For most online meetings, you can get by hopping out of bed 5-minutes prior and top-dressing your way to a professional appearance.

But for me, for interviews and other important digital meetings, I go through the whole routine. If my call is first thing in the morning, I take a shower, I eat breakfast, I brush my teeth, and yes, I add a dash of my favorite perfume.


Because I want to feel put together and confident.

Perfume Can Boost Your Confidence

Most women can agree that wearing a fragrance you love makes you feel polished, professional, pretty, bold... [insert your own vibe here].

But most of the time, we only think about spritzing on our favorite scents when we're going to be in a situation around other people.

When it comes to walking that 10 feet to our home office where we are solitarily confined behind computer screens, perfume can feel frivolous and excessive. What's the point if I'm only sitting in a room by myself?

The truth of the matter is that we wear perfume for ourselves, ultimately to feel confident.

There's a lot that happens internally when it comes to scent, and we shouldn't forget that just because we're popping on a Zoom call instead of heading into a meeting IRL.

How Perfume Makes You Feel Confident

The sense of smell possesses the power to trigger memories and emotions.

Just as the smell of fresh baked cookies might bring back fond memories of weekends at grandma's house as a kid, a particular perfume can do something similar.

It might not be a particular memory, per se, but rather a feeling...

And you'll know that feeling the moment a fragrance hits your nose. I've literally watched hundreds of women light up when testing out Aroamas and finally finding their scent.

Wearing this fragrance, the one that makes your brain excited, instantly boosts your mood and confidence, and that confidence-driving value is further enhanced by positive associations.

For example:

  • If you give the presentation of your life while wearing a certain perfume, you're going to trigger those memories of success and feelings of confidence every time you smell it/wear it.

Make It a Routine

You can even draw confidence from fragrance through associated routines.

For example:

  • If you wear a certain perfume when going out on dates, the smell of it will become associated with feeling sexy and confident.
  • If you wear a certain perfume every time you go to the office, the smell of it will become associated with feeling professional and confident.

And that second perfume is the exact perfume you should be putting on before your Zoom call, every time, so that your brain processes the need to be in professional mode.

Yes, even when you're sitting at home in sweatpants and with 3 day old hair!

More importantly, the simple act of creating and completing the routine will make you feel more put together - and that is just another level in the confidence-building ladder of fragrance.

How to Create Your Own Confidence Boosting Routine

Aroamas' leak-free, pocket-sized solid perfumes can go with you anywhere, meaning you are always prepared for that much needed hit of convenient confidence.

To create your own confidence boosting routine:

1. Find Your Fragrance - The one that lights you up inside.

2. Take It Everywhere - Especially to the place where you'll need it (hint-hint: your work desk).

3. Apply & Feel Ahhh-mazing - Each and every time.

Follow these steps and you'll have your own confidence boosting (slay-that-Zoom-call) routine in no time!


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