Meet Galaxy - Plus How to Get a Stick of Your Own

We've got a new fragrance!

It's actually my favorite fragrance + name + label design to date... and we've gone through a lot of fragrances here at Aroamas!

GALAXY solid perfume stick by Aroamas


Galaxy is something out of this world.

It has fruity top notes that instantly hit your nose, but it's those earthy resins that give it real depth. If you like apricot, citrus, and osmanthus flower combined with soft resin notes, this fragrance is the one that'll have you shooting into outer space.

How to Get a Stick of Galaxy

Galaxy is not yet for sale on the site. But never fear!

I'm including a free stick of Galaxy with every 5+ stick order until Valentine's Day!

You can buy a Choose Any 5 pack, a Choose Any 10 pack, or any combination of products where you have at least 5 sticks in your cart to receive this month's freebie.

You might want to act fast! Galaxy may not make it into the general Aroamas population for several weeks.



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