The Evolution of the Aroamas Label

I'm pretty proud of the Aroamas label.

At first glance, they may not seem like much. But to me, they really, truly shine in their current layout.

aroamas label evolution - small business design

I've designed everything here at Aroamas - including the labels - and they've gone through quite a bit of evolution over the years in order to be the clean, vibrant, eye-catching vision they are today.

It's been quite the journey!

C'mon... let's take a trip down memory lane!

The Beginnings of Aroamas

Back in 2013, Aroamas was born.

I had a product. I had a few fragrances that I thought were winners (and they were!). And I knew the size of tube my solid perfumes would fill.

Finding Label Material

Because of the size of my tube, however, a lot of the labels that were deemed usable for lip balms didn't seem to stay stuck.

I needed something extra sticky, so I couldn't even start to design my labels until I found the right company offering the right material that also looked and felt professional.

After a lot of emails and a lot of samples, I found the material that worked! Yay! The designing part could begin!

pantone color chart

It's important to note that the designing process went a little bit like me holding this Pantone-CMYK color chart, printed on my label material, while teaching myself Illustrator at the same time.

Fake it 'til you make it, right!

Designing the Label

The label began as a square in four designs:  Bondi Beach, One Way Ticket, Parisian, and Limited Edition.

Yes, that was the line I started with, and I'm happy to say that the 3 official fragrances are STILL in the Aroamas line today.

original label proofs for Aroamas

testing the aroamas label on natural lip tubes

While the square labels didn't provide the best coverage on my tube, they got the job done at an affordable price (and in a simplified process).

The Aroamas logo, at the time, was an arrow with a banner plate in the middle of it. Somehow, I managed to fit not only the Aroamas name in the plate, but also the words "travel perfume stick" below the brand!

I thought it was a good move at the time to make sure people knew what my product was all about. It would have probably been better to make it simpler and easier to read, but you live, you learn!

No Tamper Tabs

A downfall of the first label designs was the fact that they included no built-in tamper tabs. Without a tamper tab, I couldn't guarantee freshness and product security to customers... anyone could open the product and put the cap back on if they please!

So, I shrink wrapped each tube.



The process of shrink wrapping tubes was actually quite fun. I found some shrink bands made specifically for my narrow tubes, purchased a heat gun, and let the party begin.

Still, I was not 100% a fan of the extra step in the whole process of making products, and the added plastic waste.

Eventually, I Upgraded Designs

When Aroamas started to gain some real traction, I knew it was time to upgrade the look of the label. It was all a learning process, and I wanted to provide a more professional vibe.

With that in mind, I did an entire overhaul of the Aroamas label in late 2014.

experimenting with aroamas label redesign

I started experimenting with different label lengths and potential designs that didn't involve the Aroamas arrow with the banner plate at all! I really wanted that Aroamas to pop, but I could quite figure out how.

At the end of the day, I kept the Aroamas arrow plus banner plate, but I ONLY left Aroamas in the middle. I also incorporated the heart near the fragrance name AND a built-in tamper tab!

aroamas label proofs with tamper tabs

aroamas 5 pack

That's the label design I stuck with for several years before we took a big nap...

Our Best Labels Yet

When Aroamas was waking from its slumber, it was the opportune time to give the labels a makeover once again.

The newest labels have exactly what I was trying to figure out many years ago. The Aroamas logo pops, the fonts have gone from teenage-handmade to adult-sophisticated, and some of the color combos have been simplified for impact.

aroamas 2020 in hand
aroamas perfume sticks colorful selection

Some of the fragrance names have grown up as well. For example:

And there will be more subtle changes as I introduce more fragrances back into the line in the coming months.

Stay tuned! 

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