The Best-Selling Aroamas at Our Market Stalls

You want to know a secret?

I love running the Aroamas market stall!

I also love tracking the progress and sales during this aspect of the Aroamas venture.

With all of that tracking going on, I wanted to share the most popular, best-selling Aroamas at the market stalls since April of this year.


best market stall sellers


As someone who works from home behind a computer screen, it's nice to get out amongst people and have a chat about Aroamas.

But, it's also interesting to see how people react to my fragrances - and product in general - first-hand. I get that instant feedback I just don't get online, and I also get to see and hear how fragrances make people feel.

And if I get even more nerdy: I love looking at the markets as one big experiment. It's interesting to see how some fragrances seem to be more popular than others on certain days. Is there something in the air? Is it the weather?

The different weekend days have their ups and downs (I'm finding Sundays to be more lucrative than Saturdays overall), and even placement throughout the market (and who you're placed next to) can affect stall activity and sales.

I've gone as far as tracking stall engagements and conversion rates in my little market notebook!

Now onto the best sellers!

The Top 3 Sellers

The following 3 fragrances accounted for nearly 55% of all in-person sales! That's very significant for me as a business owner, and it tells me that I need to make sure I have these in stock at all times.

It also means that you should probably give them a try if you haven't done so yet!

1 - Parisian

Parisian perfume stick

Parisian sales accounted for 22.91% of all sales, which isn't surprising since it's always been my most bought, loved, and recommended scent! What was surprising was how close it came to being taken over by Gypsy!


2 - Gypsy

Gypsy perfume stick

Gypsy is a new fragrance in the Aroamas line and accounted for 17.96% of all market sales. People love Gypsy! I typically say if you want a less sweet fragrance than Parisian, try Gypsy.

3 - Sydney

Sydney perfume stick

I absolutely adore Sydney (the city and the fragrance). But I also think this number gets a little extra attention at The Rocks Markets since it's a very touristy destination. It accounted for 13.62% of all sales.


The Best of the Rest

Here's the full rundown of the sales, if you're interested:

  1. Parisian
  2. Gypsy
  3. Sydney
  4. Ticket
  5. Dream
  6. Journey
  7. Viking
  8. Free Spirit
  9. Bermuda Triangle
  10. Galaxy & Savannah (tie!)
  11. Ocean Beach

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    Notes: I only have 8 fragrances on the table at one time. I have had the same 6 on the table and rotated 2 out depending on the day. I also bring out fragrances that aren't on the table if the customer says they like something similar.

    Most sales tend to be 1, 2 or 3 sticks - with the majority as single sticks. This is in stark contrast to how the markets used to be when I worked them several years ago. I'm mentioning this because customers tend to like many of the fragrances but then only buy their most favorite instead of multiples.

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